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Are You….

busy woman on the go looking after everyone else, your partner, the kids, supporting friends and going all in on your work?

Have you had that moment when you woke up one day and realised you have lost your spark?

Dissapointed with the woman you see in the mirror, fat accumulating on your tummy, the weight of the world sitting on your thighs, your bloated belly, and your tired heavy body?

And are you tired of all the conflicting advice?

You have tried everything and nothing seems to works for you anymore?

I hear you! And you don’t have to be in this situation!

These are all symptoms of hormone imbalance, only one engine of your metabolism firing and not being in alignment with your soul.

Working harder is not working for you and it’s not going to work if you keep trying this way.

You can work smarter, balancing your bodies hormones, awakening all cylinders of your metabolism and have fat just fall off without exercise or starving yourself. 

You can have energy that lasts all day and still have some sass at the end of the day for your loved ones. You can feel confident and free. I promise you its actually super simple!

 Monthly Membership

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80+ Hormone Balancing Fat Burning Recipes

Self Paced High Vibe Healing Courses and Programs

Functional Toning At Home Exercises

Likeminded community and support as you navigate your journey

Introducing your Light and Free Monthly Membership

Our comprehensive and holistic membership is an affordable option to health and life coaching at a deep soul level. Our unique courses are designed to be short but powerful so every month you are exploring new areas of your body, health and life so you can live light, energised, confident and free.

What EXACTLY the membership do?

You can expect:

Hormone balance and gut health

Ease and flow in your body.

Clear self sabotage and emotional eating

Feel in control of your body and life again.

Fat burning and faster metabolism

Work smarter rather than harder so excess weight falls off, you feel energised all day and unlock your bodies full potential.

No more calories counting and a happy family

Enjoy your food!

Released stored emotions and less stress

Dance through life with ease and love your body and life!

Restored circadian rhythms and sleep

Restore quality sleep so you feel relaxed and rejuvenated every day.

“This is the first time in quite some years I have managed to get to the bottom of my weight problems. Natalee has guided me and helped me understand in more details what my findings were. So far I have lost a total of 8kg. Even though I have been clean eating for two years this wasn’t the solution. I have learnt about, stress, cortisol levels, fasting, estrogen and adrenal fatigue… basically how everything links together like a domino effect. Food is medicine and managing eating patterns is certainly the key to feeling more energised, less stressed and stay positive to go all the way. Thank you Natalee for your knowledge, advice and time, I cannot thank you enough” Catherine

Physical Cleansing

Mental Programming

Emotional Clearing

Energy Alchemy

Soul Alignment

Here is How you win

Activating Ancient Feminine Cycles

Energy, flow, passion and purpose using with Ancient Feminine Cycles.

Flow from yin to yang, action to inaction, results to reflection, and everything inbetween. This course includes videos sharing the significance of each phase or cycle we flow through naturally and how you can use it as an anchor to maximise your life.

Use the worksheets to reflect, plan and take purposeful align action so your flow achieves fast and excellent results in your life. You will flow with ease and grace, love life and live it to the fullest!

    Conscious Keto

    Keto has surged forward as a popular diet for weight-loss and other health issues, but in amongst the noise is plenty of incorrect advice, poor habits and monetisation that can have detrimental affects on your health.

    In this course we come back to the ketosis that is healing and therapeutic, that gets results but in a way that is sustainable, conscious and from a place of whole healing.
    We cover off not only why you must consider conscious keto, but how to activate your body in a healthy and sustainable way, how to refine your lifestyle to maximise your health but also be in harmony with your body and environment.
    You will know what to expect, what to do, what to eat, and what lifestyle factors are critical to support ketosis. All with weekly live support calls available as you do it.

    Fat Burning Functional Exercise

    Move away from working harder and shift to working smarter. Most exercise programs burn glucose not fat and have people working hard and still not losing fat.

    Here we focus on fat burning exercise that tones is functional for every day life and you can do in the comfort of your own home!

      Conscious Nutrition

      Healing your temple, freeing your mind so you can feel light and free indefinitely.
      Releasing weight for good but using conscious nutrition, mindset practices, emotional freedom, energy work and soul alignment so you can feel full on life.

      Understand and restore your gut health, free yourself from emotional eating and self sabotage, align consciously with your food to maximise its healing potential
      This course comes back to the roots of nutrition physically, mentally and emotionally so you can heal your relationship with your food, your body and the world around you.

        Leveraging Health with Essential Oils

        Video Series on Essential Oils to Balance Hormones, Burn Fat and release specific stored emotions from parts of the body.

        Using neurological and cellular programming in a light and fun way to create change in your body health and life so you can live light and free.

          Light and Free Interview Series

          Connect with like minded experts in their field to delve deeper, see wider and open your self up to more whole healing, more physical, mental and emotional integration so you can dance light and free through life!

            “I think we as mothers feel guilty ……What we create is a new woman who is empowered not only within herself, but can then go on to role model healthy behaviours and ideas to the children we are raising.” Leeann Hudson”

            And if you need one more reason:

            For a limited time you will get access to our powerful and exclusive Energy Alchemy – Quantum Healing Course as each module is released. Worth $997.

            Energy Alchemy - Quantum Healing

            Energy Alchemy – Quantum Healing


            Delving deep into biochemistry and quantum physics we get specific on how to unlock your bodies fullest energy right down to a cellular level. We look at voltage, vibrational energy and literally how electrons move to transfer energy throughout your body so you can create a vortex of flowing energy that energises your cells, your body and your life!
            We will be talking about the voltage or energy in your cells, various fuels for your body, cleansing and clearing dense and toxic energy, recharging electrons in the body in over 30 different ways on top of food, activating dormant energy, moving, releasing and directing energy as well as controlling it in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.
            You will shift from tired and sick to energised and healthy, from clouded and blocked to crystal clear and flowing, from heaving and unsatisfied to light and happy, from lost and disconnected to fulfilled and free.
            Course’s and modules are currently being released monthly, topics include but are not limited to:
              ? Oxygen – metabolisms – prana – life force – Live
              ? Water – Structured, charged – Live
              ? Earth – grounding, nature, ocean
              ? micro – organisms
              ? Essential oils
              ? Nervous system – structure/posture
              ? pH
              ? Chemicals, toxicity and minerals
              ? Charged food
              ? Touch
              ? Movement – exercise/dance/stretch
              ? Ketosis – additional energy sources
              ?Environment -declutter – Feng Shui
              ? Sleep
              ? EMF
                ? Clearing and programming thoughts and beliefs
                ? Journalling to clear and channel energy
                ? Activating energy through visualisation
                ? Saying ‘no’ to draining energy
                ? Emotional energy
                ? Releasing stored energy
                ? Activating energy with gratitude, creativity and change of state
                ENERGETIC/ SPIRITUAL
                ? Activating Kundalini energy
                ? Activating life purpose energy
                ? Recharging through alignment
                ? Clearing and recharging energy through meditation or prayer
                ? Activating energy with music – listen, dance, sing
                ? Activating energy flow through cycles instead of linear limitations.


                  Unlock the body and life you love.


                  No lock in, cancel anytime


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                  What People Are Saying

                  Watch me interview Donna on how she lost 16kg in 12 weeks & went from a size 22 to 14, getting her confidence and her life back!

                  DONNA JONES

                  From controlled by food, tired and feeling down, to energetic, no cravings and in control.
                  “This is an excellent program …… I’d say go for it because the amount of relevant information and the excellent support you get from Natalee will help you smash through barriers you might not have even realised you had.
                  You’ll finally be able to enjoy healthy eating, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel happier and calmer than before.”
                  LINDA MILLER

                  Watch Karen go from liposuction and a tummy tuck to losing 17kg and dropping 3 Dress Sizes in 12 weeks.
                  “I started on my journey 6 weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I am seeing amazing results. So much help and support whenever I need it. Why didn’t I do this sooner “
                  KAREN SHERRY

                  From adrenal fatigue, diet pills and unstable weight to happy, healthy and no cellulite.
                  “In the last 6 months I have managed to get to a steady weight, it’s more healthy than I was. I feel like I have got a lot more muscle, a lot more definition in my body. I am happier and confident in myself… my cellulite has decreased in my legs as well through the fat burning approach.”
                  KAZ FINDLAY

                  From high blood pressure, cortisol, 30kg overweight and fatty liver to losing 10kg in 3 months and reduction in all risk factors.

                  “This is the first time in quite some years I have managed to get to the bottom of my weight problems. Natalee has guided me and helped me understand in more details what my findings were. So far I have lost a total of 8kg. Even though I have been clean eating for two years this wasn’t the solution. I have learnt about, stress, cortisol levels, fasting, estrogen and adrenal fatigue… basically how everything links together like a domino effect. Food is medicine and managing eating patterns is certainly the key to feeling more energised, less stressed and stay positive to go all the way. Thank you Natalee for your knowledge, advice and time, I cannot thank you enough!”
                  CATHERINE HAIGH

                  This All Sounds Great But…

                  What exactly will I recieve?

                  You will receive a minimum of 5 healing courses designed to cleanse and clear the body, so you can hold more energy and light and shine!

                  In total, over 30 hours of audios and videos, workbooks, templates, checklists, meal plans, shopping lists, rituals as well as over 80 fat burning and hormone balance recipes with access for as long as you keep your membership.

                  Do I have access to other Fat Burning Women?

                  Of course! Most women struggle in their weight and health journey, thinking they are alone. As you come together with other women in the program you will feel supported and understood in a safe, non judgemental online community of likeminded women.

                  Does it matter where Iive?

                  Not at all! You can access your program, coaching and support anywhere in the world as long as you have a device and internet. 

                  I am not sure I can afford the program, can you offer any help?

                  Our courses, programs and coaching are normally up to $2000 so this membership is our first opportunity to access such powerful transformation at such low a low cost. 

                  If $97 is still too much I encourage you to explore our free 7 day challenge here. 


                  I am a vegetarian, can I still do the programs?

                  Of course! Not all our courses are based around nutrition, however even our nutrition programs encourage conscious eating. Our conscious keto course is actually specifically designed to not only educate and inspire healthy ketosis but also influence a more conscious approach or even a vegetarian approach.

                  Our values are very much holistic and whole-food based. We aim to work with you and your family supporting a conscious healthy lifestyle and some convenience too! 

                  What if I discover the membership isn't for me?

                  The beauty of the membership is pay as you go, cancel anytime. It is designed to flow with you and not be a burden. 

                   If you decide it isn’t for you just email us at with a request to cancel and we will cancel your membership, no questions asked. 

                  Please understand there are no refunds, we have done our best to keep the price as low as possible so you can come, play, experience what you need to and go when you are ready without restriction. 

                  If you have any questions about the program or it’s relevance for you please email and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.


                  I am not sure I am ready for the memberhsip just yet, will it be offered again?

                  At this stage we are continuing to offer the membership for the women who feel called to it, as it works with our current structure. With other projects and client commitments it is a possibility that this will not be a long term offer.  So if the courses and or price resonate I encourage you to make the most of the opportunity.


                  I have tried everything, do you still think it will work for me?

                  Every woman I have spoken to has tried everything before we meet. They work out and hard, they have tried all the diets, the shakes, the celeb promoted programs and when it doesn’t work for them they feel like a bit of a failure.

                  What we do is soooo different. We are not counting or restricting calories instead we look at what those calories do to your hormones and make smart adjustments, we also reprogram those mental and emotional patterns as well as lifestyle habits to balance hormones, awaken all cylinders of your metabolism and reclaim your body back – for good.

                  If you have specific results it may be best to speak with us at so we can make sure you are starting in the right space. This membership is a great surface level of many topics, more wide than deep. We also have our metabolic reset which very much goes deep creating massive shifts with very quick and specific results. If you have tried everything and want to nail it first time let us understand more about what you are looking for so you can take the direct route.


                  Will I have enough time to complete the course while juggling life?

                  Totally. This is the very essence of the membership. Jump in when you feel called to, when you have time, when you need guidance, when you need clarity, when you need motivation work it in around your life and allow yourself to become light and free!

                  Can I receive one on one coaching?

                  In the past we have offered one on one as part of our other program however in an effort to connect and change the lives of more women, we now offer support in our private Facebook group.  This private forum allows us to answer your questions personally, connect and support you as well as share and engage in live support calls. 

                  Should you require further one on one support this is available to you for a further fee.


                  Is this a women's only course?

                  To create a safe environment for women in their body, emotions and mind journey, this program has been created with middle-aged women in mind. While the concepts and science also support Men’s lives this program is not open to men.

                  In saying this, many men have supported their women in their journey and gone through the modules and lifestyle changes alongside their loved ones. This is hugely encouraged, however, there are also many women who do not have the support of their loved ones and rely heavily on the community alone for support as they navigate this journey alone.


                  Unlock the body and life you love.


                  No lock in, cancel anytime


                  This Offer Expires In:


                  Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    


                  Natalee Anderson, published writer, inspirational speaker and quantum healer has activated hundreds of women through her transmissions, courses and coaching.  Specialising in the metabolism of the physical and light body, Natalee has guided women in clearing old programming from cells, memory and energy to channel higher frequencies into the body reigniting the souls mission, amplifying energy and magnetism for conscious women to rise and create the ripple of change the have been called to.
                  Natalee has studied breathwork, qi-gong, nutrition, positive psychology specialising in leadership, personal training, metabolism while also immersing herself in many ancient and modern practices including business systems and strategy, ancient pranic initiation, white tantric tibetan exercises, merkaba and pineal activation, balancing polarities of the brain for heart unity and more.


                  With over 100 women guided through her Metabolism Reset program and thousands activating energy alchemy through short courses, ebooks, book, meditation and events Natalee is passionate about activating heart centred women in their personal frequency so they can stand out and create an unstoppable ripple of change throughout the world.

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